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Why the LAPD are disabling their police video equipment – apparently you cant handle the truth

The LAPD does not think you can handle the truth. Well, at least the rank and file police officers don’t.  In an article on, an exposé chronicles how LAPD officers are “monkeywrenching” the video equipment in their police cars so it won’t record and transmit the footage to their police supervisors. The response was no one likes to be recorded not even the police. Most modern police agencies have video recording equipment in their vehicles and microphones on their police uniforms that record audio to the dashcam video recorders. The video equipment can be turned on manually or comes on when the emergency lights are activated.  Anonymous police officers quoted for the article stated that they don’t want the recordings on, so it won’t record when they are speaking with confidential informants in dark back alleys.  Of course, this excuse is illogical because the video equipment does not even come on unless turned on manually or when the emergency blue lights are activated, and no one would turn on their blue lights in a back alley while talking with a confidential informant.  Police video is the great equalizer and hedge against police abuse and keeps lawbreakers from lying. Let’s face it video keeps everybody honest and should be required by law in every police vehicle in this country.

-Author: George Creal

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