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Word of Advice: If Pulled Over and Suspected of DUI, Don’t Say “Ya Got Me!” (At Least Not Out Loud)

We have a page on our site devoted to educating people on what to do when they’re pulled over and suspected of DUI. After this incident, we may have to add a corresponding page, because knowing what to do is equally important as knowing what not to do. A couple of weeks ago a man in Tampa Bay, Florida, who allegedly cruised by a patrolman while drinking a can of Busch beer, provided a perfect example. After the policeman pulled him over, the suspect shouted “I’m wasted, ya got me!” He then got out of the car and admitted to having had a few more beers before he began driving. He was arrested and booked for his 5th DUI. Depending on when he was arrested for the other DUI charges, in Georgia he could be charged with a felony and face 5 years in prison and a $5000 fine.

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