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DUI DeKalb County: Client fell asleep and wrecked his car

The client fell asleep and wrecked his car.  The client had Sunday brunch that included 1-2 Mimosa’s or champagne and orange juice drinks.  Later that evening while driving home, the Client wrecked his car.  The client was tired from working long hours and had an eye infection.  Emergency Medical Technicians arrived and began treating the DUI client for his injuries including shoulder and chest pain and bruising.

Police arrived and pull the client out of the ambulance to investigate him for DUI. The client submitted to DUI field evaluations including eye test, one leg stand, and walk and turn.  The eye test was thrown out as improperly performed.  The client passed one leg stand but allegedly failed to walk and turn, although it was poorly explained.  Client testified.  The jury found the client NOT GUILTY on DUI in 20 minutes.

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