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Why lowering the legal limit for DUI Offenses to .05 to .08 could increase DUI Deaths

August 31, 2014. An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the DUI legal limit should be reduced to .05 from .08 as there is no reason to treat commercial drivers differently from drivers of passenger vehicles.  However, many people would see this as an imbalance between punishment and blameworthiness as .05 can be […]

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Is Drinking after a DUI crash or stop a good idea

On Saturday, August 30, 2014, the Tampa Bay Times posted an article on whether if you drink after a DUI crash can you avoid a DUI? In Georgia, a DUI whether based on a breath or blood test or if there is no chemical test, based on your ability to drive safe (which is determined […]

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Crime Lab produces erroneously high blood alcohol tests

Colorado Crime Lab produces false alcohol blood tests in at least 82 DUI cases Eighty-two people in Colorado Springs, Colorado have reportedly been erroneously charged with DUI based on inaccurate blood test results. During a routine audit, Colorado Spring’s Crime Lab determined that out of 1000 tests conducted since January 2009 eighty-two results were incorrect […]

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