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Bostic v State – Trial Court reversed on DUI Probable Cause Denial

Bostic v. State, A15A0600, Reversed, June 25th, 2015.  Perry Bostic appealed from the Trial Court’s denial of his motion to suppress his state-administered alcohol breath test from the Laurens County Superior Court wherein the Trial Court found that Police had “probable cause” to arrest him for DUI.  The Court of Appeals agreed with Bostic and […]

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Hughes v State- Probable Cause for DUI if reasonable cops can differ

DUI Probable Cause Hughes v. State, S14G0622, March 16, 2015. Jack Hughes was required by police to submit to a blood test at the request of police after a fatal accident. Hughes moved to suppress the blood test result after he was charged as a result of there being no probable cause that he was DUI. […]

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Allen v State tipsters must give more information than Dodge Charger for police stop

Allen v. State, A13A1051, November 22, 2013. The Court of Appeals reversed the denial of Deondrez Allen’s motion to suppress the marijuana found in her Dodge Charger. A be on the lookout or BOLO was given for a Silver Dodge Charger that was involved in several armed robberies over days in unincorporated Fulton County on […]

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Can Police stop you to investigate if you are DUI in Georgia based on a phone call from another driver?

Accordingly, a general suspicion or a mere hunch is not sufficient to support an investigative stop. Although the primary means by which DUI police officers acquire reasonable suspicion is a personal observation of DUI driving, information acquired from an informant that exhibits a sufficient indicia of reliability can also be the basis for reasonable suspicion […]

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