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Christian v State – the stop can be hearsay but the criminal history needs certified operator

Christian v. State, A14A1353 Court of Appeals of Georgia October 7, 2014. Billy Wayne Christian was stopped in Whitfield County after making a scratching sound with his tires because dispatch informed him that his Tennessee Tag was not on file. Christian was convicted of driving on a limited permit and DUI after a bench trial. […]

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Can the Police request a Blood Test if I pass the Breath test?

DUI; Implied Consent, Multiple State Administered Tests; Miranda. State v. Warmack, 203 Ga. App. 157 (1998). Officer John Helton stopped W. Warmack for DUI in Dalton, Georgia. He arrested him. Warmack blew .064 and .058 at the police station. Based on the inconsistency of the breath result and the field tests by the Officer, the Officer […]

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